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Charles darwin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Charles darwin - Essay Example It was then his interest in plants, animals, insects and geological samples developed when he was under the direction of his cousin William Darwin who was an entomologist; and by the mid of 1830’s Charles had so much excelled in the field that he made certain scientific inventions. He further got motivated by his professor of Botany, Stevens Henslow (Darwin, 42). After the mission of HMS Beagle to Patagonia which was carried under the guidance of his professor; he set his base to continue for his further operations in zoological and geological unearthing (Ruse, 4). By this time Darwin had developed relations with Sir Lyell Charles, which earned him the position of secretary of the Geological Society (Burkhardt,  Pearn& Evans, xiv). Darwin married Emma Wedgwood in 1839. Ruse indicates that at this time Darwin was gaining experience from the Downe where he was spending his life at that time (5). He completely devoted his life to science although he suffered from Chagas’ s disease for a long period of time. It was then that he uncovered the issue of the origin of species and what came to be known as natural selection in the Darwinian Theory. By the end of 1850’s Darwin had made a lot of discoveries and finally he was able to compile all his collections in to a book named as The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. Charles’s illness continued and the pro-longed illness cost his life and je died leaving 8 kids behind and numerous discoveries and books. He is greatly remembered for his contribution in evolution theories. He indeed contributed greatly in the field of Science. Darwin’s ideas Darwin is considered as the pioneer of a number of ideologies and theories (Aydon, 22). He covered the issues regarding human kind to racism. Darwin argues that the human beings throughout the years have struggled for their survival. He also proposed the relation between the human body and the mind. He declares that the mind is an ext remely complex body organ and has a direct impact and effect on the various human activities. In fact the mind has a direct relation on the evolution of humankind. Evolution of humankind results in racism. Besides this cultural evolution also takes place as a result of the mind activities. Darwin is also remembered for his thoughts on Protestantism and the church. Human Evolution and Philosophy Since the publishing of the work of The Origin of Species  in 1859 by Darwin, a lot of questions have been asked regarding this theory. The questions have been asked in order to further understand human behavior and the different factors that directly affect the human behavior. Philosophy helps in an understanding of the existence of human beings and the reality behind discovery of varying aspects. It is through philosophy that the humans have been able to comprehend the nature of truth and knowledge on the evolution of human beings. In relation to human evolution, philosophy aids in bringi ng the need to inquire and analyse the speculations, interpretations, analysis and criticism of human evolution. It also helps to establish the nature of relationship between people and their society. Philosophy helps to clarify the concept of evolution. Ruse has presented that in his work Darwin wrote that people are always under a constant struggle for survival, they

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